Founded in 1984, Domingos Sávio Zainaghi Advogados is recognized as one of the most traditional specialized offices in the country, with solid and outstanding work in the areas of Labor Law and Sports Law. Throughout its history, with a vanguard posture permeated by ethical and moral values, with a commitment to the constant search for social welfare, the office became a national and international reference in its specialties.

Our Mission is to harmonize legal relations, through specialized and dynamic action, advisory and litigation, having excellence as a goal in the challenges, for the full satisfaction of our clients and for human development. Under the leadership of Professor Domingos Sávio Zainaghi, the services are developed in a coordinated way, with a highly qualified and agile team, prepared for technical decisions in the protection of the interests of the clients, its greater patrimony.

Headquartered in the Region of Paulista Avenue in the City of São Paulo, the office attends, through its correspondents, the entire Brazilian territory and the main centers of South America.

Rio de Janeiro – RJ / La Paz - Bolívia / Buenos Aires – Argentina / Lima – Peru / Guayaquil – Equador